Visit Language School Language School  is at 14-16 rue des Deux Églises 
Corner rue Joseph II, 1000 Brussels    Metro Arts-Loi :  4 minutes

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What’s GREAT about Amira’s New School


More Classrooms

Bigger Rooms

Opening Windows

Quiet Street

Light and Airy Feeling


More Technology : The classrooms are equipped with electronic interactive screens as well as normal white boards. 

Coming soon :  the digital delivery of material to students’ tablets and the option to participate in a group at a distance

More Human Contact : We are putting a new emphasis on the ways we meet and make friends at school :  theatre, role-playing, conversation.  After all,  being (&working) together is why we learn a language.

More Space to Meet and relax after your course.

More to Enjoy!

Public Transport for Language School