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    The Daily Intensive Language Groups Cheques are here to help you  :

    Interested? During the Covid period, email or phone the school for a language test.
    The school will inform your Actiris counsellor, who will register you in a ‘TVE’ GROUP or for ‘MATCHING’ private lessons.
    info@amira.be   / Amira Tel +32 (0)2 640 68 50



    Actiris Partner Information: Amira Language School asbl


    Amira Language School asbl offers ‘language education’.  Students can register for six language courses including French, Dutch and English. The highly qualified staff ensures a smooth organisation and professional pedagogical guidance. They recruit and supervise the trainers, plan the courses and welcome the students. Based on the analysis of your needs, they propose an adapted teaching module and follow your pedagogical progress until the final evaluation.


    Amira Language School asbl is located in the heart of the European district of Brussels (near Arts-Loi metro station). It was founded in 1983 and has since become one of the most renowned language schools in Brussels. In 1995 it was awarded the ISO9001 standard, making it a pioneer in the field of quality management. The school was also awarded the Q*For certificate several times and  joined the EFQM system in 2015.



    At Amira Language School asbl Integration comes first
    The school has been working with the Actiris language cheques system since the start, in May 2002. This means that the school has a lot of experience with Actiris students and their specific wishes. Amira Language School asbl has a particular policy of respect and welcome for everyone. We appreciate all cultures and strive for smooth integration. In this school you will always be able to learn because the teaching materials are clearly presented and carefully adapted to the levels of the students.



    Language Groups in Dutch and English: On the Way to Work
    (Transition Vers l’Emploi )


    The courses in small groups for job seekers at Amira Language School asbl promote your language skills and increase the chances both of obtaining job interviews and finding a job.  Through interactive exercises and group activities you will gain more self-confidence in the workplace.


    The syllabus contains clear summaries of the learning material in each level. The subject matter is presented and reviwed in different ways, so that you will experience for yourself that you are making real progress. In each class you will gain and strengthen your motivation and confidence.



    Your Actiris Counsellor will register you in Dutch or English Groups at Amira Language School asbl:

    • The training modules are of 60 hours.
    • Either 4 weeks with 5 mornings (Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 12:00).
    • Or 5 weeks with 4 afternoons (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 1.30 p.m. to 4.30 p.m.)
    • 20 sessions of 3 hours
    • The groups have 3 to 6 participants
    • From level A0 (absolute beginner) to B2 (independent user)
    • The experienced teachers have a master’s degree in languages and teach their mother tongue
    • The pleasant classrooms are equipped with interactive screens and whiteboards
    • There is wifi in the whole school and a cafeteria area
    • The emphasis is on being able to communicate more easily when looking for work



    Language Cheques: Matching in French, Dutch or English


    Jobseekers from Brussels who are offered a job offer or a first internship via Select Actiris or who are starting as self-employed have a better chance of succeeding if they follow free private language lessons in French, Dutch or English with ‘Matching Cheques’


    In a ‘Matching Course’, the student and coach decide the topics together. The content is literally ‘matched’ with the language requirements of the new job. In this way we make maximum use of the available teaching hours.


    Students can bring their own material, such as work documents, with which to practise during the lessons. Every task of the job can be covered. The teaching material can be adapted and expanded. In such a course you prepare for the real-life scenarios of your workplace.


    Based on the information about your job and your description of the work, the teacher will propose a ‘course contract’, acurriculum of content and the lesson structure .You will be are asked to sign it as a kind of moral commitment.


    The ‘Matching cheques’ are 100% financed by Actiris. Usually these are 2 cheques for 20 hours of training, 40 hours in total. The individual lessons may be taken during the first four months of the new job of after registering as self-employed. If an employer recruits several new employees at the same time, group courses may also be organized in the company.



    How to register for individual Matching lessons at Amira Language School:

    • You make an appointment in advance with the Amira Language School asbl.
    • You bring the results of the Actiris language test and the ‘Matching Cheques’ to the appointment.
    • You can register for lessons in French, Dutch or English as defined on your cheques.


    Do not wait  to register ! You may lose (partly) the right to benefit from your cheques.

    • The Actiris Matching lessons must start within 60 days after the start of your employment contract / self-employed date.
    • The 40 hours must be taken within 4 months.
    • At the limit you have 60 days to start and then 2 months to finish.
    • If you take 2 lessons of 2 hours per week, you will need at least 10 weeks for 40 hours – effectively 3 months minimum.
    • It is best to start the lessons as soon as possible after receiving the cheques.




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