The Essential Guide to Learn French in Belgium?

Studying the French language wherever you are residing, may it be for good or temporary, is by far the most brilliant way to get wind of that language. Yes, trying to learn a language using the available resources around you is good, but only until you take a course will you say that you speak French confidently.

As stated, you can learn French anywhere you are in the world. Therefore, if you are in Belgium, you can do a DIY learning method or for a better pick up consider the following essentials so you can confidently blend with the locals while in Belgium.

Belgium: How to Learn French

Technically, you can do as many French-speaking courses as you want, but that can only do so much. As for most global language learners and experts, the best recourse is to learn the language where it is locally spoken and, in this case- Belgium.

–         Learn it where it is widely spoken

In essence, there are tons of reasonable arguments behind the former statement. Whereas those who have experienced studying French in Belgium, their primary reason and purpose are survival. Don’t worry; it’s not that morbid-movie-like-type of survival you are thinking about. Instead, it’s merely about blending it and being able to communicate well with the natives. Imagine this, if you live in America and you wanted to learn French anywhere in the city, do you think you can maximize your French skills in an English-speaking town? But if you study the language where it is commonly spoken and not just for a few hours in a day, you can successfully pick up everything you need to learn about French. And Belgium, a French-speaking country, is just the perfect avenue to learn it.

–         Learn French from Locals

Another considered to be an effective way of learning a global language is by talking to the natives of that country. Amazing cities surround the beautiful state of Belgium with unlimited opportunities for anyone who wanted to learn the way they speak French. Reach out to strangers that you encounter every day. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, learning street signs, or buying food at a restaurant, everything that you can do around Belgium will always be an excellent chance for you to learn French.

–         Consider other Language Courses or Schools

Attending classes at school to learn a lesson is excellent. Yet classroom sessions are limited, and it is not enough to refine your language skills. When studying French, you have to speak and practice it because writing is not regularly enough. There are a lot of courses on the Internet that offer intensive French learning modules that you can review at your own swiftness and convenience.

–         Utilize movies, Podcasts, Children’s books, and other Learning Essentials

These resources are the essential tool to get yourself warmed up in learning a foreign language like French when you are in Belgium. It is easy to familiarize yourself with words and phrases when you regularly watch TV, movies, or listen to the radio. Because you get used to the sound of a word, you get to pronounce it effortlessly too. Watching foreign films or series on the TV or online with English subtitles can significantly help your retention well. Podcasts are the best learning tool as well because you can listen to native French speakers naturally exchanging conversations about relevant topics. Children books are great learning tools, especially for beginners, because it is essential and easy to remember.

–         Set aside English or other Foreign Languages that You Know

One faux pas of most people learning French is that they still communicate with friends in English or other languages. Remember that you are learning French; therefore, you must stick to it and avoid interacting through other languages that you are confidently using. The primary goal is for you to get used to speaking French since you are staying in a French-speaking country.

–         Apply What You Have Learned

Another that most language learners failed to do is to apply what they have learned. Try to use what you have learned by talking to locals in French. If they say that you are not that fluent yet, don’t get embarrassed because they appreciate your learning efforts. They can even teach and help you with words that you find strange. Belgium is a great country, so go and socialize with people as often as possible.

–         A Little More Patience Won’t Hurt

Remember that you cannot just learn something new overnight, and incorporating a new language like French into your system will take time. Consider your French language journey as a work of art that requires a tremendous amount of time before it’s done.

–         Perseverance

Never get tired of trying. Failing a couple of times in your language assessments will not make you less of a human. Even the champions and famous personalities had to fail many times, too, while they are just beginning in the field. Do not lose hope every time you didn’t reach your goals. You simply don’t give up on something that you seriously wanted to achieve, like being well-versed in the French language.


This article cannot stress enough how difficult it is to learn a new language. And whether you are in Belgium for work, education, or migration reasons, there are various ways to pick up French within that country.

Socializing with the locals is one of the best ways to properly learn the meaning and pronunciation of words, as well as the basic rules of the French language. Surround yourself with French-speaking friends and try to communicate only in French anywhere you go around Belgium. In fact, you can learn French well in Belgium, both Language school and online French language courses, where you learn the language at your own pace and at your most convenient time. Remember that the French language comprises many rules and techniques, whereas its pronunciation, accent, and culture must be taken seriously.

The majority of those who have successfully learned French invested years in learning the language. So, you should also be patient and keep on persevering until you achieve the quality of French learning that you have always dreamed of—maximized your learning resources in Belgium. Work on it, and don’t just quit.

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