Prepare your trips before coming to Brussels to learn French

Learning the French language or any global language demands framework, consistency, and love in what you are doing or wanted to learn. This article will let you discover the various ways of learning French through the World Wide Web.

Three Ways to Learn French Online

Plan a trip to Belgium

Many believed that in order to learn a new language you have to travel to the country where it is widely used and it is, in fact, the most effective method. In this case, for instance, Belgium, where there are different spoken languages: Dutch, German, and French. However, although it could be a beneficial way, it doesn’t mean that it is the right one.

You have to understand that there are a lot of contributing factors that can hinder you from learning and be fluent in French.

For example:

  • Not prepared enough to take language classes.
  • Transportation is difficult or is not available – form where you live to the language course location or if it is located overseas.
  • You give more time in traveling.
  • You are not motivated enough.
  • Incompetent language teachers and intructors.
  • Undecided what language you seriously wanted to learn.
  • And a lot more…

Plus, this option is quite an expensive method because you will have to tavel by plane,  book a hotel accommodation for the number of days you will be staying in the country, expensive transportation fees and so on. In short, this is not the kind of “flight and learn” method that you will likely to consider first.

Scout for language courses around your area

Another brilliant way to learning French is to find a language school or any institution that offers foreign language tutorial or class that is closest to your area. Compared to the first option that offers pure French immersion in a French-speaking country, this second one present a more practical way of learning a language.

When you opt to learn the  French language in your area, you can be sure of being able to use your English or whatever mother tongue you grew up to most of the time. So be sure to choose a real French language tutor.

In essence, this second option is much easier compared to the previous one, yet it can also be not that reliable.

Stay at Home and Learn French

Since the Internet had been a great avenue in learning a lot of relevant materials lately, this third way to learn French is the cheapest and deemed the most practical. You can use various props like actual books, e-books, CD tutorials, downloadable software, and free and subscription-based online apps.

It is more advantageous and comfortable because you can learn the language at your own preferred pace right at your own home’s comforts.

However, this third learning style presents some challenges:

–  Choosing the right French learning material.

–  Reasons for gaining loads of motivation.

For the reason that you are staying indoors while learning French, it can easily tempt you to do things that are not related to your learning plans. Therefore, you have to strictly stick to your goals to avoid slacking.

The saying, “It’s easier said than done” is correct.

Yes, it is easy to think and push yourself to learn a new language—the same way when planning to start your French learning journey. Hence, do not forget that there are different learning styles, and if you are not sure about what type you fall under, here’s the list.

The Different Learning Styles

When it comes to learning things independently, there are actually methods that work well with various learning groups: the reading, listening, and visual learners.

The Bookworms

This learning style is people who can stick around with books without getting bored and are even enjoying the company of books. Those who loves to read tend to learn faster when reading more than other learning techniques. So when it comes to learning a language like French, grammar books are the best studying buddies of people who’s passion is reading.

If you have read all the books in your house, you can always study at your local library and, of course, online. Technically, books are your reference to properly understand the French language rules – the conjugation, tenses, and whatnot. But to gain better knowledge about the language you are studying, incorporating visual and listening material makes it a perfect combination.

The Listeners

People under this learning type category tend to learn and focus more while listening. Podcasts and other listening materials are their preferred learning resources. They are mostly into music and radio platforms. Since podcasts are not only fun but also presents free learning materials to almost anything, those who wanted to learn and are learning foreign languages like French opt to French podcasts. You can listen to native French speakers as they naturally use their language in a normal conversation. From there, you can already learn a lot and get to pick a lot of styles on how to speak the romantic French lingo properly.

The Visual Learner

If you effectively learn more while watching webinars, videos, and other learning materials designed purposely for watching, then studying French will be easy for you. It is because there are tons of videos that offer French tutorials and techniques. There are language channels that you can subscribe to so you can receive notifications every time they post a new video.

There are also online and downloadable apps that allow you to understand the French context and phrases better. You can make use of these tools to test yourself and monitor your language learning skill progress.


Learning a language like French over the Internet has been a typical way for those who wanted to gain new knowledge of a foreign language. Aside from its accessibility, it is also free, making it even better because you don’t have to shell out any amount to learn the basics of a language. But, of course, if you wanted to reach a more advanced level, then you have to consider paid subscriptions online to have access to more in-depth and exclusive language learning materials and exercises. Some even provide you with a certificate after each course.

Although it is easy to research and access French language tutorials online, you must first identify what type of learner you are because the learning methods will assess the speed, quality, and success of your studying journey.

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