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Learning French is by far the best way to discover France and Belgium : the gastronomy, fashion, countryside, Paris, Brussels and of course the culture.  Just think of the opera “Carmen” (Bizet), “Les Misérables” (Hugo), the fashion and perfumes of Dior, or the great chef Bocuse.  Belgium, rich in food and culture, is renowned for the “Grand Place” of Brussels, Bruges, Art Nouveau, beer, chocolate …. In France, Mont Saint Michel, Saint-Tropez and the Champs Elysées in Paris are world famous;  and the many francophone countries around the world invite us for our holidays.  Speaking French is not only a highly desirable, useful skill, it is much more. When a language is so rich in nuances and exceptions, by learning it you have the pleasure of playing a complex musical instrument, producing a sound exquisitely agreeable to the ear.

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