Cultural Immersion Programmes (one or two students – all languages)

On “Cultural Immersion Programmes” we spend more time on the culture of the language than in normal private lessons. These are courses for your intellectual pleasure as well as improvement in your precise use of expressions.

In these programmes, we focus on a pre-agreed aspect of culture : literature, history, song, cinema, poetry, theatre, or other art forms…
They appeal particularly to those who are actively engaged in the culture of their own language, for example, as academics, writers, journalists, actors, or as arts administrators.

However, you do not need a direct professional reason to book such courses. You can enjoy Amira’s “Cultural Immersion Programmes”, if you should have already completed study in the language at least up to the European level to B2.1 (Amira level 3B), have a high general education and a developed sensitivity to the cultural forms of your own language.



127 Popular Courses


57 Popular Courses


127 Popular Courses


127 Popular Courses


127 Popular Courses


127 Popular Courses

Cultural Immersion courses take place on a mutually pre-arranged, fixed schedule

Hours per session Duration Total Hours
2 hours 1x weekly for 10+ weeks 20
1 hours 2x weekly for 10+ weeks 60
1 hours Flexible 3x weekly for 15+ weeks 40
2 hours Flexible 1x or 2x weekly over 6 months 20
2 hours Flexible 1x or 2x weekly over 12 months 28

REGISTER NOW (Fees include the book or other written material) :

In person at the school

Come for our free test to help you decide how to begin; phone for an appointment. When you come to the school, our experienced educational counsellors will help you define the frame and cultural form that you wish for your course.

Online “Choose Your Course”

Select for example: Language: “English”, For “one” student, Format: “Cultural Immersions
and choose the Number of “Hours” for your course.
“Place” in this format is always at the school and the listing only shows fixed schedule courses.
You will see one or two options for the number of hours – with the corresponding fees. Click on the “Register” button for your chosen course and fill in the requested personal data as well as the pedagogical objectives and cultural form you desire. Payment is by subsequent bank transfer and is not asked for during the transaction.