The Many Benefits of Learning to Speak French

Statistics show that French is the second world’s most taught language after English amongst the 29 countries all over the globe. It is also the official language used by the International Red Cross, the United Nations, NATO, the International Olympic Committee, and a lot of other global organizations.

Being able to speak a foreign language can open a lot of doors in terms of education, work, and, of course, travel is a concern. French is one of the top language choices of people who wanted to learn a foreign language. Aside from its uniqueness, you can quickly get yourself into any conversation wherever you may be.

Here are the other advantages of learning to speak French.

Broaden Your Career Opportunities

  • Regardless of your field of work, the ability to speak French can significantly improve your communication with customers, vendors, clients, and employees all over the world. It even presents more possibilities if you’re associated with an international company where the French language is essential.  It may take you to your much-awaited promotion or land you to your dream job.

A Language For Better Travels

  • When traveling abroad, you are not entirely required to speak the language of the country you are visiting, although it is highly advantageous. Knowing French can give you different travel experiences. It makes travel more manageable in all aspects, especially in communicating with the locals and even fellow travelers. Whether you’re in a restaurant, hotel, café, convenience store, shopping mall, or even gasoline station, having a pleasant conversation with anyone in that country makes the trip extra special. You need not have to worry because French is one of the widely spoken languages globally.

Speak a  Global Language

  • Over 300 million individuals from five continents can speak French, and the numbers keep growing. It is the main reason why French becomes the second most learned language, together with English and the fifth most spoken all over the world. French is also the language commonly taught in every country and is, in fact, included in most school’s curriculum.

A Language Culture

  • It is no brainer that French is a certified international language in fashion, music, entertainment, cooking, visual arts, design, and architecture. Being knowledgable in the language offers unlimited opportunities to materials and tools that contribute to the French language’s entire culture. Let’s drop some famous names that embrace the French language are Edit Piaf, Alain Delon, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Victor Hugo.

Assures a Brighter Education

  • Many students nowadays seek a better quality of education, and learning another global language is their access to a better and brighter future. Discovering French, for one, offers students with big dreams the chance to study abroad at any famous French school, universities, and business institutions that rank in their field and all over the globe.

Opens the World for You

  • Because French serves as a key to global opportunities, the ability to learn the language gives you the chance to see the world from a different view. It will allow you to meet and greet the famous leaders and people who aim to change the world. As well as understand the global news.

Learning French to Learn other Languages

  • Aside from English, French becomes a starter pack for those who wanted to learn other languages. By learning French, you can quickly learn Romanian, Italian. And Portuguese and understand the words and phrases rooted in the French language.

Teaches you to Become more Expressive

  • First off, French is known as the language of love because learning it enables you to gain knowledge on how rich, beautiful, and genuine this language is. Because of its historical culture, you tend to use French to express your thoughts and feelings more effectively both in verbal and written form.

After finding out some of the many benefits of learning the French language, you have to determine the best ways to learn it. Here are some tips on how:

Ways to Learn French

Traveling to a French-speaking country is one of the many ways to learn French. If you have the means and budget to stay in that country to study this romantic language, then do so. This total immersion technique will let you learn French in a language school and from the locals you can interact with. It means that you will have to speak French the entire day and stay in that French-speaking country for the rest of your stay.

Before thinking of flying overseas in order to learn French, why not check out language schools within your local community, say in Brussels. Since Belgium is also a French-speaking country, this guarantees you that there are competent and reliable language schools and tutorial centers – both personal and online. Just make sure that a native speaker will be your language teacher for you to learn everything you need to know about French.

– Since online resources present a totally complete package to everything that people needs in their daily lives, enrolling in language classes online has become popular these days. There are free and paid-subscription plans and options for you to choose from. It is best to pick the method that best suits your needs and preferences.


The bottom line is, there is really no secret to acquiring the skill of learning a foreign language. Whether you wanted to know it on your own or by traveling to the country where your chosen language originated is perfectly fine, for as long as you will really learn and can confidently communicate using it.

What every language learner must have before getting started is the passion and commitment of learning. Regularly practicing and studying French may consume all your energy and patience. Still, you can always opt for a learning schedule that you are comfortable with and will not compromise your daily activities.

French can be difficult. That’s a fact. However, if you are seriously into learning the language and think that you can achieve it no matter how hard or complicated it is, you will know. Soon you will just find yourself conversing in French like you were born with it.


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